Terms & Conditions Prudle Institute

– In the event of withdrawal from the program on the first day of the course or on one of its days, the paid fees will not be fully refunded.

The course can be postponed or canceled due to incompleteness of the number, and the full fees will be refunded in the event of cancellation after the expected period has expired.

– The start date of the course is determined when the number is complete, and the student is scheduled within an estimated period of two to 4 weeks and at one of the following times (4-6, 6-8, or 8-10 pm), and in the event that the student requests a refund within a month from the date Registration, an amount of 200 riyals is deducted from it as an administrative fee.

– The trainers at Brodel Institute are selected according to very high standards, including: an English language specialist in addition to speaking English as a first language, so the student is not entitled to choose the trainer, as all of our trainers are qualified to teach English.

– In the case of registration in the three-level offer, the fees will be paid in one payment or in 3 installments through Tamara.

– When a student registers in one of the English Language Program offers, the amount is not refunded.

The receipt voucher is considered the basis of the transaction, and the student is not entitled to claim any amount of money in the event of its loss.

The student is committed to the dates of lectures and exams, and it is not permissible to change or modify them except after obtaining written permission with the approval of the administration.

In the event of absence for 4 days without an acceptable excuse, he is considered to have withdrawn from the course and is not entitled to claim any money.

The student is warned if the permissible limit of absence or delay is exceeded due to bad morals.

The student is obligated to make the effort required for educational attainment in order to be able to pass the success rate, which is 65%. If the student is unable to pass the required degree, he is not entitled to claim a certificate of passing the course. He is granted a special offer from the Institute to repeat the course at a discount of 40% of the basic fees for the course (this offer does not apply to special offers).

Commitment to wear (modest dress) inside the institute.

The institute is not responsible for the loss of any of the student’s personal belongings inside or outside the institute.

Electronic means (contact and WhatsApp) are the official means of communication with the customer.

– In the event of payment through Tamara, a fee of 100 riyals will be added to the program price.